Lidia Ziemnicka-Otto
Journalist Photographer

Author Poet Writer

Lidia Ziemnicka-Otto
Internationally published poet,
literary fiction writer, essayist, arts writer/journalist

Professional Fine Art Photographer
in landscape, architecture and portrait photography

Writing is creating new worlds which unfold in the reader's heart.
Lidia Ziemnicka-Otto

             P U B L I C A T I O N S


PUBLICATIONS Forthcoming major publications will be detailed on this website. Lidia's essays, features and articles have been published in literary, classical music and cultural magazines and until 2015 appeared under the name Lidia Otto. A major essay on the composer Sergei Rachmaninoff found its place in the musicology collections in the university libraries. Lidia Otto: Pianist oder Komponist? - Beides! Plädoyer für die Anerkennung von Sergej Rachmaninow als Komponist [Pianist or Composer? - Both! A Plea of the Acknowledgement of Sergei Rachmaninoff as a Composer].PianoNews 6/2004, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg Lidia's poetry has been published in literary magazines. The first poems appeared in Zycie Literackie, a prestigious literary magazine. Lidia Ziemnicka: Moja Warszawa [My Warsaw]. 1972 Lidia Ziemnicka: Ars Poetica. 1973 Her poetry has been read and performed at many literary and several music events.